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Client Testimonials


Sales director Steve Mead received £750,000 compensation for injuries suffered in an accident while on a motorbiking holiday in Scotland with friends. A speeding car hit him at 70mph as he slowly cruised a minor road near Kingussie in 2009.
Steve suffered severe damage to both knees, a back and neck injury, and a brachial plexis injury -nerve damage to an arm and shoulder. He spent four weeks in Raigmore Hospital in Inverness before an air ambulance flew him home to Bristol and Frenchay Hospital. He later needed further specialist surgery in London and, in total, underwent ten operations.
Gildeas' Stephen Hay looked after Steve's legal action for compensation as the other driver soon admitted liability. He said: "I couldn't do anything from my bed hundreds of miles away in Bristol so Stephen did everything for me.
"He was brilliant. I couldn't praise him or Gildeas highly enough.
"A rehabilitation firm was brought in and I got visits at home from surgeons and occupational therapists. Everything I needed to recover was sorted for me. As far as the legal process went Stephen kept me informed every step of the way. He was always there for me, talked me through the whole procedure and answered any questions.
"I never felt that what he was doing was a chore. He always spared the time to talk to me, encouraged me and guided me through the process.
"Stephen was like a friend and adviser rather than a lawyer.
"He helped me get back to my old self mentally. I was pretty ill. I'll never walk properly again and I only have one effective arm but otherwise I'm pleased with where I am.
"The money I've received will mean I don't have to worry about my retirement. During the final financial negotiations over the sum, Stephen was brilliant. I feel he got the best settlement humanly possible. He really fought my corner and I'm very grateful for everything he did.
"I've had some bad experiences with lawyers but Gildeas could not have been more different. They were superb.
"The whole experience was something I never would have wanted but it has been eased so much by Stephen and his team. I really am so grateful."


"I suffered neck, back, knee and elbow injuries when a car pulled out in front of me in Paisley in 2012 and I hit it on my motorcycle. I went flying head-first over the car and was taken to hospital.
"The other driver was at fault so my insurance company put me in touch with Gildeas and Laura Sillars looked after my case. She was great and I was very pleased with the service I received.
"Laura kept in touch by letter and phone as things progressed and gave me the information I needed. I have now received a four-figure sum in settlement. I was really pleased with the money and have decided to treat my partner to a holiday with some of it next year.
"I would definitely recommend Laura and Gildeas to my friends and family."

Former panel beater Leonard suffered multiple injuries when a motorist suddenly pulled across a dual carriageway on the A96 and knocked him off his motorcycle.
He has been left permanently disabled due to a serious ankle fracture and arm injuries and will be unable to return to anything like his old employment.
Gildeas managed to settle out of court with the third party insurers just over two years after the accident and for a substantial compensation sum, well above estimates.
Leonard received his settlement cheque in April, 2013, and with a financial adviser is now planning for the future.
He said: "I was told accident claims like mine normally take about four years to be settled, so I was really delighted that mine was sorted so quickly and for such a good figure.
"I can't praise Gildeas highly enough for all they did. Kevan Slonaker dealt with my case initially. He was excellent, very professional, then solicitor Laura Sillars got involved and things seemed to go at 90mph. Laura was great.
"I was kept informed all the way through the process with numerous letters and phone calls. The communication was very good.
"Meanwhile Laura had put me in touch with a rehabilitation network and that helped to get me going again physically.
"The last few years have been very hard so the settlement was a big weight off my mind.
"I can't thank Gildeas enough or recommend them highly enough. If I need any legal services in future for any reason I will definitely be going back."

I slipped in a puddle of liquid in a garage in Perth when I was I up installing welding equipment for my company in October 2009.
I landed really heavily and when I got up, couldn't feel my arm. I went to hospital and someone had to come up to Glasgow to drive me home.
I had severe tendon damage in my shoulder and eventually needed two operations. It meant I was off work for the last nine months before I retired.
The injury has left me with pain and means I can't follow my favourite hobby of fly fishing.
I went to a lawyers in Newcastle but they couldn't handle Scots law and I ended up with Gildeas. They were really helpful. Marie MacLean dealt with my case initially and I really enjoyed liaising with her. She was very good and wrote a letter once a month without fail, updating me on developments. Laura Sillars then took over as the case looked like it might end up in court as the other side wanted me to admit 20% liability. But this did not happen and it was settled in the summer of 2013.
I was happy with the service from the team and would recommend Gildeas to others, without a doubt.

Pamela suffered multiple injuries when the car she was driving was crushed by an oncoming van. The last thing she remembers was braking and waiting for the van to hit her. She was airlifted to Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, and woke up three weeks later still in intensive care. Pamela had suffered fractures to both legs, arms, 13 ribs, her collarbone as well has cuts and bruises. She had lost her unborn baby that she was not aware she was carrying.

Three years on she is still carrying physical and mental scars of her ordeal. Plates in her legs have only just been removed but she has ongoing problems with her clavicle and ongoing psychological issues.

Gildeas' Stephen Hay was the first lawyer she met after the accident and he has seen her case through to its conclusion and settlement in December 2012. He arranged for a rehabilitation company to help Pamela put her life back together and pursue compensation for her injuries.

Pamela, a former advocate for mental health and dementia payments, hopes eventually to return to work even if just part time.

A settlement of a six-figure sum has been agreed.

This includes costs of Gildeas arranging a larger house for her, with the extra rent being paid by the Defender's insurance, nursing care, physiotherapy, plus equipment to be supplied and significant interim payments.

Pamela says: "My only contact at Gildeas throughout the three years since the accident was Stephen. It really helped to have one lawyer looking after me and not be passed from pillar to post. In the first 18 months after the accident I was on morphine and got confused quite easily and forgot things. Stephen would always go through things with me two or three times to make sure I understood what was happening and then put it writing as well. Patient doesn't begin to describe how good he was with me.

I also felt he was more a friend than a lawyer. I felt very down more than once because of the trauma I suffered but Stephen was always there for me, helping me through it and telling me things would get better. I couldn't have asked for a kinder more understanding person to be my lawyer and I'm so grateful for everything he has done.

"My mother and sister were injured in the same accident and Stephen took care of their cases too. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

I would like to thank Gildeas Solicitors for all the help they have given me with my case after I had been involved in a road accident which was not my fault. It was an extremely complicated case as there were three other cars involved all of which refused blame. I had suffered bad whiplash and had to take some time off college.

Gildeas, and in particular, Scott Morrison, the employee dealing with my case, took on my claim and got me compensation very quickly. During the dispute with the third party over blame, Scott was regularly in touch with me to keep me informed on the updates on my case. Last week I received my compensation money, and it was over double what I had been told was the average I would receive for my injury.

I would like to thank Gildeas and Scott once more for all the help they have given me and would recommend this company to anyone who is struggling with any injury claims.

Another success for our Edinburgh solicitor Laura Sillars. She negotiated a four-figure sum for Glasgow client Margaret Burns over an RTA.
Margaret was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a collision on a roundabout. She sustained back injuries.
With Laura's help the final compensation award was nearly 20 percent higher than originally offered.
Margaret's husband John said: "We were delighted with the outcome, very satisfied indeed. Gildeas service has been brilliant and Laura was a pleasure to deal with."

I just wanted to say thank you for assisting me with my case following the road accident that kept me off work for months. The third party disputed my version of events so the case went to court.

I am pleased to say Gildeas' Lindsay Hare ran rings round them and I was awarded nearly £7,000. I actually enjoyed the whole day in court...and thank you again.

Thanks again for all your sterling efforts to date in helping recover my expenses incurred due to my accident. Claire Robb has been brilliant - a credit to your organisation. She is very proactive and her communications have been first class. Some other companies could take note.

I would like to thank you for your assistance in handling my claim and to express my gratitude for the professionalism displayed by your organisation and, in particular Scott Morrison, who has maintained contact and kept me well informed throughout the process.

The level of service was first class and I would not hesitate to recommend  your company to anyone in need of such help. Hopefully, I won't need it myself but should I be unfortunate in the future then I would of course use Gildeas again. 

I would like to take a minute to sincerely thank you, David Cunningham, for all your help and advice with my claim. I believe you have worked to a very professional and high standard and I would have no hesitation at all in recommending yourself and Gildeas Solicitors to any of my colleagues in the future.


"I was more than pleased with the service I received from Gildeas and also the settlement I got for my injuries in a car crash.  It took 18 months for them to get compensation for me but they kept me informed every step of the way. The staff were very caring and I would certainly deal with the firm again".

"I found the customer service from Gildeas, especially Colin Ferguson, excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. The advice was clear, relevant and very easy to understand. I would return to Gildeas in the future if needed."

"My car was written off when a young guy served into my path in Barrhead. I wasn't too well off either. I suffered lower back injuries, whiplash and eventually had to have my coccyx removed. I was in an out of hospital after the accident in 2006 and was housebound for a long while. I couldn't even get up and down stairs. It still affects me now and my work prospects are not good. I can't sit in one place for long, can't do anything physical and still have other problems. I had a variety of jobs beforehand, including being a mould-maker in a sanitary ware factory and I was training to be a holistic therapist. I can't do much at all now but luckily I have a very loving and supportive family and I was introduced to Gildeas. Laura Sillars looked after my case. She was brilliant and took care of everything. She was a very calming influence at a very stressful time. I got a six figure settlement in 2010 and it allowed me to do things to help myself and my family. The first thing I bought was a massage chair and six months in that, really helped. I would have no hesitation to recommend Gildeas and Laura. She was lovely."

"I have never had dealings with your profession before but I can honestly say I was absolutely impressed with the way things were handled for me. Not only that, I got the impression that every avenue of approach was considered and then determined if it would be beneficial to my case. There seemed to be a lot of study and research into similar cases that had resulted in very good outcomes. I definitely do believe I benefited from David Humphrey's commitment to my case.

I honestly feel he excelled in his performance of duty to both his client, but more so to his company. His company should be very proud of him and I wish him much success in his career."

"Maxine Canning kept me informed of the progress being made with my claim through several letters and phone calls. She informed me of the settlement offer by recorded delivery. The attention I received was more than I expected."

"I had cause to contact Colin Ferguson about a claim that he handled for me in 2009. I was delighted when he not only called me back without delay but was also able to provide information which will hopefully put the matter to rest once and for all. Fortunately I don't have to call on your services very often but it is reassuring to know that whenever I may need to, it will be dealt with effectively and efficiently in a very professional and understanding way."

"I was very pleased with the whole situation. It made a bad experience for me much less traumatic. The case handler (Kevan Slonaker) was professional, courteous and extremely helpful. He kept me updated and made the claim a quick result for me. Happy all round." Mrs Y Millar, Wishaw

"I suffered a serious brain injury in a car accident and was in hospital for several months. Gildeas were brilliant with me and explained from the outset that I would be entitled to compensation and how to go about it. Because of my injury I can't always take in everything people say. Stephen Hay at Gildeas was very patient with me and happy to keep going over things with me. I would recommend his company to anyone. I was very happy with the settlement I received".

"Cant recommend u's enough. Neal McShane, my solicitor, works tirelessly 4 u, whether its office hrs r not + Paul Kavanagh is also excellent. 2 Neal, massive thanx."

"I worked with asbestos in the shipyards in Aberdeen. We used to cut up sheets of it by hand with a saw and I'd go home covered in dust. We never wore masks or any kind of protective clothing even though the companies knew it could be dangerous. I'm 83 now and have trouble with my breathing due to asbestosis.

"I was put in touch with Gildeas in 2006-07 by a firm down south as they didn't deal with Scottish law. Everyone at Gildeas was very good indeed. I couldn't have asked for more.

"Laura Sillars dealt with my case and it was a complicated one because one of the firms involved had gone into liquidation. So it took until 2011 to get a settlement. But Laura told me what was happening every step of the way, any setbacks, that kind of thing. She was excellent.

"The money I received will be very helpful now my health isn't quite so good. I may need a motorised wheelchair to get around in at some stage and now I can pay for it. I can't praise Gildeas and Laura highly enough."

"I paid a couple of pounds a week for legal cover on my motor insurance and when I had an accident on my bike I was introduced to Gildeas who took my case on. I was hit by a car in 2007 and suffered a really bad knee injury. I lost my job on a golf course as I needed different operations and it took a long time to improve. So the settlement I got in 2011 was a big relief. I've not been able to get another job and this has meant that I can get a decent car, pay my parents dig money and generally keep me going. Paula Nolan in Gildeas' Glasgow office then Laura Sillars in Edinburgh handled my case. They were professional, very informative and kept me in the know. I felt they were always looking for the best result for me."

"I was told from the outset that my claim for compensation would take up to five years to get a resolution which was very honest of Gildeas. But in the end it took less...exactly four years. I lost a leg in a motorbike crash and it was a very difficult time for me. I'm a self employed plasterer and I couldn't work for a long time so it was very worrying financially. I would recommend Gildeas to anyone. They kept me up to date on progress, explained anything I didn't understand and talked me through the legal process step by step. I've been able to work the odd day now but I still have physical problems. The best thing about the settlement Gildeas got me was that it lifted the burden of having to pay the mortgage every month and helped with my mobility. I was able to get some private medical health care."

"My wife suffered a severe head injury in a road accident. She's needed a lot of expensive care since then and will need even more in the future. So I was very happy with the settlement Gildeas got for us (£275,000). It will be a great help. My wife's case took six years to come to court and went right to the wire, but the insurance company eventually settled. Laura Sillars acted for us and things moved very smoothly when she came on the scene. But all the lawyers we dealt with were very professional and courteous. Gildeas did a brilliant job and I can't praise them highly enough."

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